Our Projects

This is our Development server, so are you interested by one of our projects?

Still reading? Guess you are interested, or want to know more information.

If you want more information about Lethos Designs, it's best to go over to our main site Lethos Designs.

Over there, we have detailed all about our Programming, Sysadmin and the Blog, and whom we have worked we before.

You can get estimates of prices too, but it's just a rough idea unless you talk to us.

Each project has it's own sub domain here, so feel free to explore, they are all below.

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Historic Projects

Some of our Historic project range from AI News projects to Anonymous message services to Firewall scripts.

Also including the less interesting ones like Image caches and promotional pages.

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Jekyll Theme Projects

This is a work in progress, but the code names for our first 5 Jekyll themes is; Highlights, Editorial, Identity, Dimension and Fractal

Our site and many in our network already use them, but putting it on gitlab publically for all to use and share is very different.

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  • Bug free environment
  • DDOS Protection
  • Cloud computing
  • Code anywhere
  • Designed for any screen

Chris Bourton of Lethos Designs

10+ years experience in Programming, Sysadmin, DevOps/DevSecOps, Consulting and Design.
Mostly in the Web Business and News Industry, but have experience in Games and AI.
Have worked as a CTO and CIO, Director of my own firm, aswell as a Contractor.